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Strange Auctions

Disturbing Auctions: Find the Craziest Items on eBay in: Strange Auctions
OK, so you’ve spent a little too much money on eBay lately… there was that vintage t-shirt from a concert before you were born, and a little gift for mom, and hey – you always have wanted to learn to play the clarinet so why not buy one now? Because you’re out of money, dude, that’s why. So until the next payday rolls around, take a break and check out Disturbing Auctions Daily. I’ve seen a lot of sites that feature strange auctions, and I think that this one is by far the most entertaining. The listings, posted almost every hour, range from the silly (“bad hair Barbie”) to the hilarious: results of “the dreaded search for ‘whimsical.’”
Palace of Peculiarities in: Strange Auctions

Have you heard of Golden-Palace.com? They';re one of countless online casino sites, but this one has a fascinating draw. The site is now infamous for purchasing some of the wildest online auction items in the history of eBay.

A couple years ago, Golden Palace placed the winning bid for a special grilled cheese sandwich. Apparently, one side of it bore the face of the Virgin Mary. Although the woman selling it claimed it had brought her good luck, she sure didn';t hold back from selling it for $28,000. Now that';s good luck!

Online Advertisings Full Frontal Frontier in: Strange Auctions

It was spreading like the plague: people selling their body parts to advertisers on eBay. The idea was formulated by an Andrew Fischer who sold advertising space on his forehead for $30,000. Not long after, an Angel Brammer from Scotland offered advertising space on her cleavage. Last year, a woman named Amber Rainey allowed wacky casino site Golden-Palace.com the opportunity to advertise on her pregnant belly for a little over $4,000. Recently, a man even offered advertising space on his behind!

Sadly for those of you interested in cashing in on this strange phenomenon, the wave of popularity has seemed to settle down. But one thing’s for sure: when it comes to online auctioning, creativity pays off.

Existential Excrement in: Strange Auctions

You';ve got to admit, people love a good gimmick. Remember that guy who invented Pet Rocks? Isn';t he a multi-millionaire because of them? Well, eBay attracts a whole lot of wannabes, who are certain they';ve invented a new hit novelty product that will turn a big profit with little or no materials cost-like the Pet Rock guy, who just took a trip to his backyard.

Some ideas, however, are better than others. And some are much, much worse. Like the guy who tried to sell a bag of Genuine Ghost Poop. Genuine, huh? Who knew that Styrofoam packing peanuts were really excrement from The Other Side? The starting bid was actually five dollars. Five dollars for every twelve packing peanuts from that box of fruitcake your granny sent you. Not a bad idea-If anyone was stupid enough to fall for it!

Creative Accessories from Down Under in: Strange Auctions

Need a new coin purse? How about one made from a Kangaroo's scrotum? You heard right-a company in Australia has been selling wacky little drawstring packages to help fund the government's kangaroo overpopulation program. Instead of destroying the animals, they snip-snip instead, and the result is a truly disturbing way to hold your pocket change. Shipping to the US is only $3.95.

You can also purchase them direct from Australia Gifts. Check out the limited-edition "double" models.

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