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Writing Great Auction Sales Copy

Submitted by Jonathan Smith on Sun, 2006-08-06 05:52. in: eBay Selling Tips

Your sales pitch and timing of your auction are probably two of the five most important aspects of overall success on eBay. You've got to know how to motivate buyers to jump on the bid train right then and there and you've also got to know what are the best times to put that message right in front of the target buyers.

Writing Great Sales Copy
First things first, you've got to grab attention with your Auction Title. This is where the click magic happens; this is where you have a shot amongst all the other listings to stand out.

Unless your item has a really low profit margin, I would always suggest using a bold-face auction title. Then, try your best to insert a power word at the beginning, middle, and end of your title. These are words like:


As you can tell above I'm all for using all-caps so that you grab attention. I also suggest using a few special characters to grab extra attention but don't overdo it or you'll look like an auction spammer. My best suggestion on how to determine which special characters might work best is to scroll quickly through the listings in the category you're working in and try to figure out what areas (beginning to end) of titles seems to be lacking special characters in the other sellers' auctions. That's a great place to throw something noticeable in. You might find this program useful, it's a demo of a product that allows you to see what your titles will look like as you type them: demo of program.

For using special characters in your auction descriptions I suggest you visit this html character list and also check this post which details a workaround for characters eBay doesn't recognize (in templates, not in titles)

Now, when writing the auction description keep in mind that you've got to offer genuinely good, convincing information about your product. You need to address the most important question which, to a potential buyer, is "What is this product going to do for me, what am I going to get out if it?". Buyers don't want to hear about your, your business, or even the product itself directly… not until they're satisfied that there is something in it for them.

Next, focus the copy more onto helping your potential buyer envision themselves using your product with success, or using it in the manner you described earlier so that they have a sense of "yea, I want that!".

If you can get to this point you've done a great job. But, the hard part is about to hit you. The hard part is getting past the buyers defense mechanism known as second thoughts. So, to get around that you've got to hit the potential buyer hard with a USP (unique selling proposition), some believable testimonials, and an excellent call to action to close the deal.

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