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Timing your Auctions End Date

Submitted by Jonathan Smith on Sun, 2006-08-06 06:13. in: eBay Selling Tips

Timing is everything! In this brief post I only want to convey that message and give a few examples so that two things are accomplished.

1. First of all, you’ll understand just how important timing is and how it can make the difference from pulling an auction due to not meeting an acceptable price to creating a bidding frenzy and making huge money on eBay.

2. Secondly, I want you to learn the concept of timing auctions and to begin thinking for yourself to identify the best times for running auctions for your niche of products.

Timing your auction to end on a certain day, or at a certain time means allowing your auction to be seen by as many people as possible. If you are selling a surfboard, thinking that likely someone in Southern California will snatch up this great deal but your auction ends on Tuesday morning at 3:30AM I can assure you that you’re not likely to find 6 die-hard surfers engaging in a bid-war for your fiberglass bargain! You’ve got to make sure that your auction is closing when a ton of potential buyers are in front of the computer and able to spend a half hour watching the countdown.

Here are the things; I can’t stress enough to you, which you must consider:

  • Timezone of target buyers
  • Habits and work schedules of target buyers
  • School schedules for buyers of that age group
  • Holidays
  • Weather reports

There are more factors than that but those are likely ones you’ll have to realize for yourself as you learn your marketplace. My greatest advice, and trust me, the masses agree, is that Sunday evenings are by far the best times to slate your auctions for closing.

Just remember, that you don’t have to start out by fine tuning your auction close date and time to the point of ridiculousness but you absolutely should make an effort to continuosly test and improve your strategy. You will have mastered one of the 5 crucial elements to online auction success and making money on eBay.

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