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Auction Ad Designer Pro

Submitted by Jonathan Smith on Fri, 2006-08-04 21:34. in: Auction Tools and Software

Free Auction Help brings you a special offer that will both allow you to improve the look of your auctions drastically, we're also offering you the chance to earn money by re-selling the eBay auction template software! This means Master Resell Rights to "Auction Ad Designer PRO" !!!

Forget Boring Auction Ads!

Auction Ad Designer Pro is the Quick, and Easy way to begin creating auction ads that grab potential customers' attention!

Auction Ad Designer Pro enables you to:

  • Create awesome looking auction listings effortlessly!
  • Use free templates to change up your ads!
  • Insert pictures, backgrounds, and descriptions!
  • Includes more than 40 backgrounds!
  • Much more!

Auction Template Maker Screen Shots

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Auction Templates 1

INCREDIBLE SUPER BONUS: Order now and Free Auction Help will also include MASTER Resell Rights so you can sell Auction Ad Designer PRO and keep 100% $$$ of the profits! You'll even get a copy of this sales page which you can easily customize!

Auction Templates 2

The only condition is that In order to protect the outstanding reputation, and integrity of this product, Auction Ad Designer PRO CANNOT be packaged/bundled with other titles. It must be sold as a "Stand Alone" product.

Order Now And Receive Master Resell Rights

Order Today!
Only $8.95!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Remember, this is a simple way to gain the look and feel of an eBay pro and help establish yourself as a reputable seller that takes time to create incredibly effective auctions!

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