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Scammers and Spammers Beware in: Industry News

The popularity of internet auctions and shopping portals has come with an unfortunate side dish: the proliferation of scammers, spammers, and other malicious fraudsters. Luckily, the courts have stepped in, and many online criminals are being caught and sentenced. Just this August, a British man was sentenced to eight months in jail after parting consumers with nearly $90k in exchange pirated movies and fake designer shoes.

Last year, a notorious phisher (scammer) who conned more than 160 people into handing over their password and user names in response to bogus eBay security notices was sentenced to four years in jail. He and his associates assumed these identities to lend credibility to auctions of non-existent goods, raking in nearly $350,000. Over 75% of all phishing e-mails target users of eBay or online payments system PayPal.

Online Shopping Sites Usability Versus Enjoyability in: Industry News

Once users become familiar with a certain shopping site, it's not long before they pledge their eternal loyalty. But if you're not that familiar with any one in particular, where do you begin? Assuming you've tried out Amazon and eBay before, let's take a look at three others: Shopping.com, Buy.com, and Yub.com, and see which is the most user-friendly.

Shopping.com is extremely no-frills attached, as straightforward as it gets. It knows why you're there-to shop-and it's not going to distract any of your attention away from the task at hand. You'll get your business done, but it's served up with as little fun on the side as possible. Usability rating: 9/10 Enjoyability Rating: 3/10

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