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eBay Selling Tips

eBay Selling Tip #1

Payment options are very important. Offer as many as possible to attract a wide range of bidders. Use paypal or billpoint to accept credit cards and you'll be opening your product up to many more customers. Why not take personal checks but agree to send only to the address on the check?

Shipping Terms should be clearly stated to avoid problems later. Also, don't try to make a tremendous amount of money on this or you may end up with negative feedback once the buyer finds out. Be fair!

Return Policies should be clearly stated as well to avoid future complications. Wouldn't you rather be working on your next sale, over spending time dealing with one from the past??

eBay Selling Tip #2

Accurate Descriptions are a must. You want every buyer to get exactly what they expect when they made that bid. Your feedback is your lively hood, your customer's comments can make or break you. Offer the chance to get a wonderful deal on slightly damaged goods, if that is what you have to sell. You may get less money, but you'll also get the positive feedback from a buyer that got what they bid on.

A Picture's Worth a thousand bids. If your item is high ticket you have to have top quality photos. Also, make sure that you specify if you are using photos that are not pictures of the actual item for sale.

Sell 'em Words. Think about what sold the original owner on the item when writing your description. Or, try reading the manufacturer's pitch to get ideas on how to sell your item with words.

eBay Selling Tip #3

Like James Bond... be a double agent well sort of, start selling with a few different ID's, maybe 2-3. This is excellent practice to avoid being crushed by a few negative feedbacks. If you are selling an item that is prone to negative feedback(if you must) stay away from your "spotless" ID. Save that for big ticket items whose bidders demand trust! Be creative.

Don't Throw Stones if you live in a glass house. Unfortunately, leaving bad feedback, even when warranted is a surefire way of getting some from that person. If a deal goes sour, wait to see what type of feedback they leave for you. Think before you act, what's more important?

eBay Selling Tip #4

Don't be in a Daze when it comes to days... The days you begin your auctions on that is. A great time to post a 10 day ad is Thursday. Not only will your auction end on a Sunday (big bidding day) you will also have two weekends worth of bidding (the most bidders online). For 7 day ads, I recommend you try posting on Sundays as well in the evening time around 7-8pm west coast(Pac.) time or 10-11pm east coast time. If you choose to do 3 day auctions Thursday is your day because it includes those bid filled power sundays! This group of auction tips is not to be overlooked!

One a day keeps competition away. Don't post your auction so that it ends near another similar item. This makes your item less rare and offers bidders an option...No good!

eBay Selling Tip #5

Smaller is Better! sometimes... Listen, if you start your item at a high price you lose all those valuable bids from the cheapskates. Wait, WHAT?! Yes, you heard me right, they're valuable bids because they make the # of bids go higher which causes other potential bidders to think you've got the hot item. They also believe that if XX amount of other people thought it was a great deal, then it must be! Also, how better to save money on the sale then lower your insertion fee? As long as you're attentive and keep track of when your auctions end you can cancel the item if you don't hit a satisfactory price. Just add a short disclaimer to your auction stating that you reserve the right to retract the item at any time...

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Will somebody tell me how this site is staying alive??!!?? Other than donations and a few pieces of software that we just aren't allowed to give away for free (but did arrange a huge discount for our visitors) we really are just giving away loads of information. I guess thats why it's FREEauctionhelp.com!!!

Selling Smart in 2007 in: eBay Selling Tips
For most of us, the first time we sell anything online is through eBay. What a great world! How cool is that? You clean your closet and find 12 things to list on eBay, and ten days later you’ve got $100 in your PayPal account! One of my resolutions for 2007 is to sell first, buy later. I always feel like I’ve got a lot of auction savvy when I can pay for any eBay purchase with money already in my PayPal account as a result of my eBay sales. In the coming year, I plan to make a big move – across the country. Before I do that I’m going to sell, sell, sell! Whether you are moving or just keeping up with your resolution to get organized, this is your year to make a small fortune on eBay.
Get Really Crafty: Sell Your Extras in “Craft Lots” in:
Right about now, and in the coming days, all the crafters out there will be finishing up hand-made gifts for the holidays. From beaded jewelry to stained glass, handmade gifts are almost always a hit (I say “almost” because of some of the things I made in my early crafting days!). Once you tie off the fringe on your handmade scarf, or place the crowning embellishment on your scrapbook pages, you will very likely have some extra supplies. My advice to you: put them on eBay and ring in your new year with some extra cash. There’s a big world of crafters out there. It seems like during the past few years, bead stores have sprung up everywhere. Mega-stores like Wal-Mart and Target now have scrapbook aisles; according to Wikipedia.org, one in three American households include someone involved in scrap booking. And the books on knitting! Even the Harvard College bookstore sells knitting and crocheting supplies.
It’s a Wrap! in:
Bless my grandmother’s heart. She had almost 20 grandchildren, and somehow managed to bring us all perfectly wrapped Christmas presents every year. These gifts weren’t just wrapped – they were made into mini-sculptures of holiday cheer: shiny, crimson-red paper tied with gold ribbons and multi-tiered bows, topped with embellishments like little sprigs of holly or tiny ornaments. It was almost a shame to open them – but we did, every year ripping open the gifts to find our surprises inside. Oh, if only I’d saved all that paper for my eBay sales! This year, think twice before you throw away tissue, ribbons and boxes. As an eBay seller, you can recycle every bit of it for the items you’ll be selling in the coming year.
One-Two Punch: Save Money, Make Money in: eBay Selling Tips
If you’re like me – human, that is – you’ve still got some holiday shopping to do. Where did the time go? Blame it on global warming… in most places it doesn’t even seem cold enough for Christmas to be right around the corner. Trouble is, money’s tight, and there are still quite a few names on your list without checkmarks next to them. What to do? You’ve heard the adage “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” Here’s a modern twist: “You can save money first, and make money 10 days later.” On eBay, that is. Take a trip to your local warehouse store – Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s, Smart & Final – and get shopping! If you’ve been to a warehouse store, you know the kinds of deals that you can find. (By the way, most of these stores require a membership fee; ask around and see if your friends or neighbors have a membership and will take you along. If not, you can use the same wholesale buying principles at Wal-Mart.)
Here’s a Quick Way to Choose What to Sell in:
If you are like me, you’ve got a whole bunch of items that you could sell – a closet here, a closet there, a box in the garage… but where to start? Maybe there’s something you are just too embarrassed to list: the Aha CD, perhaps? Hey, I bought one of those, too – it was the 80s! Start with “Want it Now.” This is another brilliant marketing idea by eBay. Take a look at this page and take it from there. As a seller, “Want it Now” is your good friend. First, you can search for buyers who are looking for that Aha CD, or a vintage Easy Bake Oven, or 10 pounds of buttons.
Take Auction Listing Photos Like a Pro in: eBay Selling Tips
The #1 reason that potential buyers pass by a great listing is poor photo quality. It’s time to change that. If you want to make your auctions sizzle, let’s learn how to make, take and edit great photos. Make it count. First, how to make a great photo: clean background, lots of light, and please, for the love of eBay, no blurry photos. Here’s a secret for a professional-looking background: buy a “beading mat” for just a few dollars (you can find one on eBay!). These are velvet-like mats that are used by jewelry makers to stop beads from rolling all over the place. These mats also make perfect backgrounds for photos of small items. Use a lint brush to keep them pristine. If you have a bigger item, you can use a large piece of cloth material, but keep it monotone and if necessary, iron it! I cannot even begin to count the number of auctions I have passed by because the items were photographed on wrinkled sheets (only cute if you are putting a kitten up for adoption and not on eBay) or wooden floors (hello: student desperate for money!).
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