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Last Minute Auction eBays Bargain Basement in: eCommerce

Over 60% of Americans will purchase something online this year. With so much for sale, and everyone trying to make to largest possible profit, sometimes it's difficult to find the real bargains.

If you're a true bargain-hunter - you know, the flea-market garage-sale clearance-rack there's a scratch on this cover, can I get 15% off? type of shopper - you'll adore Last Minute Auction. The owners provide a database of eBay's online auction items that will expire in an hour or less, and that are selling for a dollar or less. As you might expect, it's not all great stuff. At the time of writing, the items for sale range from Dodgers tickets to silver-plated pocket watches to Scary Spice dolls.

Identifying Value in: eCommerce

It's official: Identity theft scams are now more profitable to criminals than illegal drug trafficking. If you haven't suffered from it yourself, the odds are you know several unlucky people who have. Customers have lost a total of $5 million, and businesses have lost staggering total of $50 billion or more.

A recent customer survey by Gartner's claims customer confidence is swiftly eroding. In an industry that seems more risky with each passing day, winning the trust of customers is a priceless enterprise for any eCommerce site. However, obtaining the information of consumers for effective marketing is essential as well, which creates a dilemma.

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